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ranna royce – mermaid lyrics


verse 1:
not a girly girl like the rest
i got nothing to prove
my heart is in a treasure chest
i spend my days on the move
prove yourself
hold your breath
can you last
the test isn’t always simple

i live my life testing waters
swim with me we’ll get hotter

i’m a mermaid trapped in a net
i’m that woman n0body gets
n0body gets me
release me from the sea
i’m a mermaid trapped in a net

verse 2:
said you’re up for a challenge
needa be stronger than me
keep it hugging with balance
be the man who sets me free


verse 3:
you’re the one i’m gonna lose my tail for
i got legs let’s hit the dance floor
see what’s in my sea sh-ll bra
sea sh-ll bra, sea sh-ll bra
ahh, ahh, ahh (2x)
i wanna be with you

you took me from under the sea
i’m lovin ya masculinity
might not ever understand me
but you’ll never wanna leave me

(chorus) 2x