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rascal flatts – she goes all the way lyrics


(feat. jamie foxx)

no limits, no lines are drawn
the whole world disappears when
we’re alone
that thin white cotton dress is
blowin’ in the wind
she takes my hand and the dance begins


with every move she makes
i’m deeper than i’ve been
holding on and letting go
she just keeps givin’ in
takin’ me higher and further
there she goes again givin’ more than
she takes
’cause it’s more than love she makes
she goes all the way

no questions, no talking at all
only the sound of our hearts as the fall
no matter what i need, her answer’s
always yes
i only have to dream and she does the

[repeat chorus twice]

ooo, ooo, ooo
my baby goes all the way, the way
she goes all the way
my baby goes all the way
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah