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rasputina – the 2 miss leavens lyrics


here, we see the two miss leavens; each girl was 16 years old.
kylie died in a car crash in iowa,
harriet in an 1815 portrait from connecticut.

harriet’s necklace & purse are lined in scarlet reds.
kylie’s mysp-ce states that she was a good friend.
stylized clouds float behind their heads, suggesting the halos that awaited them.

the 2 miss leavens – no doubt, in heaven, i paint their portraits on ivory.
two perfect likenesses, teen-aged your highnesses, soft-focused by death, by history.

i am the limner. i make portraits in minature.
these 2 girls were separated by 200 years, but still they are sisters.

“when this you see, remember me.
bear me in your mind.
what others say when i’m away-
speak of me as you find.
resigned to dust – don’t pity us.”
forever pretty & mysterious.