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ravenna golden – bombs lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m not going home
i’m making my own
the shadows on the wall
they move down the hall
and they follow me
into my room
and they do to me
what you do to me, too
and they say to me
what you say to me
and they’re begging me
please just stay with me
and i knew
it would never be over
standing here
right now feels over

[verse 2]
but i planned for this
i swear i did
i planned on biting down my lip
at this sole moment
when the pain hits
you were hanging on the floor
telling me about the bombs
that were about to fall down on us
any day now, any day now
and i’m crying out
i need to listen and
i love you so much
i’ll let you stay there forever

just to feel your touch
just to feel your skin
to let these feelings just sink in
and in that sole moment, the pain hit
i stood alone in my kitchen