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ravington – know lyrics


you are now listening to tranquil fm
giving you music to dance your worries away

[verse 1]
on my life i knew i was one of one
i play some beats and i reminisce while i let it burn
i’m thinking about your body and ways you can make it turn
you know you want it you just gotta make a n+gga earn it
gotta make a n+gga yearn
f+ck it girl i’m stressed out
i dont pick up the phone, you feeling left out
heartbreak will tell you, you should just get up and just check out
cuz i’ve been on the road, got em feeling like i’m next out
you ain’t got to wait, i just felt a note before i stepped out
i’m sorry that you feel how you feel
but i been here bеfore
when i just being rеal
it will burn but it will fade
it might hurt
but you will definitely heal
bl++dy your name but i’ll definitely spill
these other woman
they dont mess with you still
but it’s the sh+t ever enough
is you stay
i dont keep leveling up
don’t you know
i’ve been working
been working
ooo ooo ooo
don’t you know
i’ve been working
been working
all my life

[verse 2]
feeling you’ve been acting like a little thot
coming around the house and don’t think i will fall out
piece [?] roll out
piece [?] down cassnova just to man down
nights like this is why we’re trying to make you less [?]
nights like this is just another man down
pretty face, baby wid the red gown
lace on shoes and watch me step down
news on you, you f+cked the whole town
your crocodile tears
they made of plas
the memo sh+t
just a thousand icloud
class clown its a hundred degrees
makeup on you
you can’t cover the beast
another victim released
the head is to please
cold jury and the [?] i was missing the piece
hop on the ground and n+ggas can’t keeeeeeeee+

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