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ray ellis – 2004 lyrics


[verse 1: ray ellis]

i got to many problems to deal with you
feel the wounds
this is something light but you still throwing shade
pick a room
i come through with fangs, out like saber tooth
hater proof
you don’t like me but i know ya lady do
i’m a ninja
i’m that n-gga
i’m the one that’s making moves
i’m the one to make a sound
lay you down and face the roof
i’m so cold i should put this pencil down and make some soup
alphabets and carrot sticks
fire on my chariot
cramping up my legs again
i been running it so long i think i need a place to sit
don’t believe me, atheist
where’s the throne
nike bots like megatron
it’s never been about the medals it’s about the step you on
so step in front if you want war
i come out with 7 seven sword
great alignment
angels flying
knocking twice on heavens door
tryna make a payment for
everything i’m hated on
if i get billed at the gates
i can bank like microsoft
pay my debts and write you off
write a song about sh-t that we did back in 2004
i could witness them flipping bricks in front of my momma pouch
adolescent connoisseur
what you think i’m rhyming for
i’m on my sh-t like flys n sh-t
n-gga this is food for thought without the salt and condiments
awwww sh-t that rawww sh-t
this feel like the condom rip
boy i feel like paul pierce
hit the net like garnett did
i don’t need no starter kit
the buzz back in charlotte n-gga