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raydeo world – who’s the best lyrics


ray in this b+tch, have you noticed
flow so sick, i don’t even have to focus
got so good, watch you n+ggas start notin’
can’t ride the wave if the wave got you chokin’
can’t recite the flames if the flames got you scorchin’
it’s pointless, i’m flawlessly k!llin’ sh+t with no coachin’
ayo where been at, just observin’
until i got tired of seeing wack n+ggas chirpin’
i mean just listen, this ain’t a game
y’all do it for the art while we’re here to get paid
stack a couple plaques, get a house and live safe
p+ss some white folks, ‘cause my n+gga i’m great
sipping with your b+tch, gettin’ head by the lake
my rock+a+bye baby puttin’ food on the plate
giving daddy what he want, i don’t ever gotta say
but let me remind you who the best, okay

who the best when you talkin’ that sh+t
who’s the best when truly this is it
who’s the best when a heart this tall
who’s the best when a n+gga this small
who’s the best, i don’t even got it all
who’s the best being humble through it all
who’s the best (raydeo)
who’s the best (raydeo)
who’s the best (raydeo)
who’s the motherf+ckin’ best

well sh+t, let’s f+ck it up real quick
persevering keep on leaning ‘til you get what it is
in different circumstances i micromanage to get the biz
went toe for toe with many different foes, now look at this
watching me, it’s truly silly and wicked, can not decipher
call me piper, lyricism is crazy, i’m getting hyper
see the fire, can you feel what i’m sayin’, my sword is sharper
getting harder when you know that i’m slayin’, i’m just playin’, cause
as you can see, this is for me
i murder the beat without havin’ to be
a fake ass mc, the illest, the realest
who never know better but gettin’ whatever
so under the weather but nothing can ever
put me so down by the way that i’m set up
hot ass beat clap, yes i’m feelin’ all better

pumpin’ your volume that’s blowin’ your head up
kicking the door so the neighbors get fed up
rollin’ the dice, that’s the price once you pay up
changin’ the pace up, i’m chargin’ up my lightsaber
i’m k!lling n+ggas like vader
don’t even try, i’m your maker
don’t give a f+ck if you cater
just give my props, see you later
slaughtering can’t even bother me, evading your prayer
aye fader, call me up, let’s chat it up
with the number one player, woo
you see the layer, to the cream the crop, the drop
watch how you flop
you smellin’ somethin’ better than the rock
watch how a n+gga just k!lled it
now everybody, who the f+ckin’ best in spirit

who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
now, who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
now, who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
now, who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the best (raydeo)
who the motherf+ckin’ best