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rc wilkes – decaturland lyrics


my home is where the smokestacks stand
got these white girls from the suburbs in the palm of my hands
got them linin’ up in a rows like a marching band
that’s the way i ball out in decaturland

-verse 1
general stephen decatur was a godd-mn pimp
he be bonin’ bad b-tches ’till his d-ck went limp
tokin up, blowin’ smoke, just like adm
so i moved to decatur to be just like him
shouts out to krekels and mi pueblito
eat enough of that sh-t, and you’ll know diarrea-o
flush it out to lake decatur, a sh-t swamped sea
then your hands up for the dirty d

-guitar solo

-verse 2
headin’ out, friday night, turnin’ up at cp
where some creepy f-cking townie tryna get with me
step outside, breathe it, and i’m filled with joy
cause my d-ck gets f-cking hard from the smell of soy

-guitar solo 2
-hook out