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redemption draweth nigh - spies (the eyes of birds) lyrics


[verse 1]
sizing up the interference
standing in the shadow
of eyes towering above my head
stares piercing through the night
owls glaring with some
hidden insight
their coos invite
“no way through,” they insist and they hiss at me

[verse 2]
lumbering through the foliage
passing through the leaves into
the garden hidden
a place now forbidden
secret creeping under
the moon, the watchful eyes spy never asking why
“it’s too soon,” they ruminate at the gate

so we sit upon the stones
wonder if we are here alone
(watchful eyes tell careful lies)
spies sitting in the trees
watching, seeing, calculating
(i know our camp is filled with spies)
don’t you think i know you’re there
i could spot you anywhere
(watchful eyes tell careful lies)
i feel the burning of their eyes
i know our camp is filled with spies
(i know our camp is filled with spies)
oh my god, be careful
(be careful)
now more than ever
(more than ever)
they’ll pull your guard down
(pull your guard down)
ease your confession
(your confession)
like night they’ll climb upon you
(climb upon you)
the heavy heel of death
(heel of death)
they’ll weigh down upon you
(down upon you)
choke out your last breath
(last breath)
there is no return from the error of concern for spies

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