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redemption draweth nigh - when the bell tolls lyrics


[verse 1]
gathered in the midst of them
tall in winter’s dark
black coats in the snowy mist
the ashes cast a fog

smoke goes higher
the fire lights the sky
a strong desire
for the blood of sacrifice
paint the town red
paint the streets with the rolling heads
black hearts shining
the black star is blinding

[verse 2]
in the absence of their eyes
the silent staring death
blinding heartbreak up the mind
there is nothing left

when the bell tolls
the dogs of war will cry and moan
rip the flesh off
tear it straight from the bone
one, two, three, four
who’s that wolf knocking at your door?
five, six, seven, eight
what is on your plate?

when the sky falls
world will turn upside down
when the bell tolls
they’ll spill our blood until they drown

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