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redman – rockin’ wit da best lyrics


“rockin’ wit da best”
(feat. kool moe dee)

[kool moe dee]
(yeah) one two, one two
party people in the place to be!

yeah, ha ha
let me clear my throat! [2x]
gilla house n-gg-z baby

[kool moe dee]
we gon’ get a lil’ somethin straight here in the place to be

[redman (kool moe dee)]
geah… yo
you now rockin with the best, i’m blessed
i deliver well, that’s why i’m up in the s
ups, through rain sleet or snow
i never break down, my skin made of goretex
heard reggie went left, cause when i do right
punk n-gg-z out of spite only give me a few mics
three best emcees, time for new light
let the streets decide on how nice! (let’s rock the house)
you see to be an emcee is not money in the bank, or
blowin n-gg-z off like “homey we are late!”
a million dollar boss dictatin what i think, sh-t
his shooter’s gettin real nervous in the paint
five star when i rank, like le armitage
girls lookin like nicki minaj, reggie
hip-hop i rock steady, just check my clout
when jersey in the building, i (rock the house!)

[chorus: redman (kool moe dee)]
yo, you now rockin with the best, one of the best
best believe boy i look so fresssh!
just tellin you how i feel
(we gon’ get a lil’ somethin straight here in the place to be)

[redman (kool moe dee)]
heheh, hey, they asked me how i maintain
the rap game and the streets i can picture in the same frame
you ain’t raw? you don’t ball
so lose yourself, tryin to keep up when i change lanes
my weed game green, clientele is swell
it’s cool like ll
debarge look alike brother, time will reveal
that i’m doin it, and doin it well! (let’s rock the house)
even if you read braille you can feel my swag
i’m your seein eye dog with the pen and the pad
blue collar, when i talk, you can touch
so f-ck how much money you can fit in the bag!
my gift is the gab, the street’s the truth
they got a lil’ lost when down south came through
i stayed in the booth and began to trip
cause (can’t n-body rock like me, hah, remember this!)


[redman (kool moe dee)]
yo, what you consider the best, what you invest
a half a mill’ around your neck? let me guess
punchlines after punchline for a check
i did that, when gangstarr had to “get a rep”
my city in debt, that’s why i sound hongry
my flow dumb as f-ck like al bun-dy
ask treach, i do it for my lonely
all y’all come and get it if you want me (let’s rock the house)
man, i’m a funny -ss n-gg-
and haters gon’ say “he a funny -ss n-gg-!”
but i’m a -sset, good barbershop talk
the game without me is wu-tang without rza
pour out a little liquor how i murder it
beef; my boys fatburger it
gilla – never heard of it? shut your mouth
when jersey in the building, i (rock the house!)