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rekoj the joker – chireks (chiraq *4th invasion*) lyrics


i hate the name chiraq, but that’s where we clap at
applause for kanye, he made it & he give back
no offense to my boo nicki
f-ck you think you know about my city
couple latin kings, no limit stones
but you can’t wake up with no pity
“chiraq” by nicki, that’s silly
but i loved it though, if you kick it with the 6 we’ll love you more
we can do that mantra, nam myoho renge kyo
flippin grams no say yayo
weed is legal but lay low
got psycho n-ggas givin out charity halos
be scaredy if you don’t like me cuz they know
if you won’t up yo hands then they blow
turn a public scene to a late show, sitcom that
chicago known for the sick combat
and l!ckin a payload if you listen to me
call me simon cuz i say so
what i’m hittin the brakes for
on to the cakes jo
hate who gives chiraq a copy & paste flow
we known for the quick sl!ck sh-t
where making mistakes, you get erased, it’ll get you lit
mafia terms it’ll get you “hit”
toss you a shovel in the woods & make you dig
came back from jackson & i thought cuzzo was a real jew the way he hates a pig
serve & protect each other, yeah we know don’t bet on em, not that bid
that’s an insult dog, no joke, no kid
waste every crooked cop for the sh-t they did
quick draw civilians, on ya badge renege
man bring the snare in, i love that sh-t
blaow! blaow! blaow! blaow! gun-play lullaby
with the effects of a b-tterfly
think about the past, how you made it thru
what you gonna do, you ain’t gotta do nothing here, you still can die
caught up in the moment, blast back foo, you gotta try
r.i.p. to my n-ggas livin in the sky
bring it down low for the bro, i’ma get high
4/13 yo day, yeah i still cry
4/13 yo day, yeah i still cry
chiraq left me empty inside
sh-t won’t stop til the planets collide
protect our own, you ain’t gotta ask, of course i’m down to ride