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relient k – savannah lyrics



i hope to be there by the morning
and see this pining all transforming
into the arms of the georgia sun
i’d love to feel the heat the sunrise
brushing rays across my windshield as if one dries
the streams from off my face

yet i know you’ll be there cause you’ll know i’ll want you to be there
and we’ll say h-llo as you’re smiling in love
and we’ll sigh so relieved i believe
because we will both know by tonight we’ll feel normal again
but until then
until then
until then

our backs supported by a hammock
we sum up perfection like a handbook
and god knows it all too well
we’ll take a walk to find a gift shop
who would’ve thought the book that you bought
would never come off the shelf

i spent my life wondering
wondering when i’d find you
i searched for all these years and now you’re right here
i need you to know that
everything makes sense when you’re with me

walk out into the sultry evening
cotton breathing when the sea winds
brush the hair down around your neck
you hold my hand like it’s the first time
and all the feelings that our hearts find
will be just what we expect