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resin himself – real lyrics


i said tell me do you feel what i feel, if you’re really real
how come you don’t appear when i see ya? you ain’t really real
i’ve never heard you steal, who’d you k!ll?
nah that sh-t ain’t real
that bb gun it ain’t no steel, them stories you tell ain’t for real

real recognize real, b-tch i’m really real
real recognize real, b-tch i’m really real
real recognize real, b-tch i’m really real
b-tch i’m really real, b-tch i’m really real

[verse 1]
yeah i got the juice, some hennessy and grey goose
call me lincoln i’m in the booth
chain ’round my neck like a noose
and i do just what i please, yeah i stay fresh call it febreeze
my pockets fattening like micky d’s, you say you bad i disagree
i’m strictly ’bout my cheddar, she gave me v not for vendetta
i get paper like a shredder, this sh-t right here it’s forever
now they see me progressin’ i don’t show it, but i’m stressin’
where’s the juice? in my possession now quit it with all them questions
now you claiming that you real, you ain’t no soldier in this field
bet you get popped like a pill, don’t you get your own blood spilled
b-tch i’m really real, i’m authentic you is fake you is generic
(witcha generic b-tch -ss) f-ckin’ fake


[verse 2]
y’all fake as f-ck, straight counterfeit
i gamble b-tch, i’m bout my chips
i’ll place my bet drop the ball, roulette
and have -ss good night (good -ss night) i’ll probably forget
usually i be rockin’ sweats if she don’t get right, she get left
you can see i’m coming up money like liquor, throw it up
if you’re real i’ll recognize you break the rules get penalized
ain’t moving dope, you paralyzed
b-tch i’m real, twitter verified look in my eyes tell me what you see
a lot of things, but not jealousy
growing up i didn’t have much to eat until the first when we got the link
said the real been through the struggle yes, there’s reasons why i hustle
and [as] long as god’s has got me all this paper’s gonna double