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return from exile – the departed lyrics


if i could make you feel alive in your heart again
with light come quickly gods forgive me and help me
breathe the air
no armies can stop us we are the gods of war they fear
the rage inside keeps hope alive
the heavens are crashing down the end is near
on the battlefield we breathe new life
you turned your back on me
aggressions getting released
i’m gonna find you
i want to talk to you
this is our time
to figure out why
why you bailed
the predatory quality of this man is lashing out
my aggression is freedom so get up pick up that bl–dy
and swing it high above your head
you fought the battle and you never will again
you fought the battle and you never ever will again
so here comes the end
the departed is coming back
they will return and there’s no holding back
so stand back
a word to all
stand back
a warning to all stand back
a man made prison
like a child sentenced throughout the years
break free of these chains
stop running away from fear
don’t turn your back on me
i need you here right now
i need you more than anything
so grab onto me
and hold on tight
because i’ll never let you leave
we need to fight
why do we do this to ourselves
we are sentenced to believe
the departed is coming back
and he lives through me
and he breathes through me