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revilatiun – wuwei lyrics


stay with in the flow
the blood a toss of those who goes against it
make a life with more intentive
talk to make it more offensive
never dropping through the floor of sensors
hopping through the wall apprentice
who causing war that’s senseless?
makes the moral pressure
the only way that mom express her love
is then she acting more than extra
who could ever slice a wall against us
don’t make your aura tense up
step across the floor and enter
the door and sector
where source protects the fallen who had more potential
let it make you count the doh and then some
so i could walk away for brawlin’ tensions holding hand guns
don’t be a fallen victim
cause when the solid pistol haul and hits your noggin
it’s gon’, start to rival up
and all a sudden all your added up temptation
from your valid drugs is feeling me
bad enough i’m with the beast and saddlers
feeling free caliber, caliber
she want a n+gga that be tatted up i’m feeling clean
had a bunch of bye felicia, rabbit jumps and billie jeans, cannibals
will increase the cash and yup i’m finna leave
fallible with inner peace, a gallagher
don’t go procrastinate and saturate your brain
time is valuable and k!lling reaps
now you must know, hear the creeks
moving over kale and teaks is raising up
daily, weeks and now the mouth and there you’ll see

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