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revoltons – a falling bridge lyrics


i’m ready for the abyss,
for a lifetime without a spark!
the mother’s womb of joy
held an unborn wedded with the dark!

i’ve spent my lifetime here inside,
wandering through my tales;
the world outside was so cruel
but here my soul won’t be sold and i go….

running across the high tops across the pinnacles of
kissing the innocent world like a smiling kid with his
here the recall of his voice!

i see the lamb of god!
the echoes of war so far!

and i run faster, trying to reach the other side of
this falling bridge!

then they spit on the genius
that was fighting to come out!
the weight was so hard to stand
so this fight lost a man!

falling across the high tops, dreaming false promises
of h-ll!
feeling like been trapped in a mental cage that i know
here lies the voice…there’s no choice!

hypocrisy of us all!
society and mind control!

running faster i am still on the path of the falling
wandering through the path that brings to a sanitarium,
kissed by the fever, my only chance is to stop every
inside my head, for being a living dead!
a light from a purple sky draws a ladies dress,
many questions h-t me here in this mental cell!
i’ll never come back from this h-ll!

like a chemical machine!
i’m the one that never wins!

deepest darkness, embraces me, i close my eyes, i’ve
never been!