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rex white – 20 grand lyrics


[verse 1]
tell the coach its time to put the starters back
hundreds, hoes, and henny that’s the starter pack
i’m courtside stretched up flexed up, hoping that you rested up
cause we already thought of that

and i ain’t did it to them in a minute
i’m back up off vacation this is only the beginnin
i’m riding round the queen, you know we got the city movin’
momma would have heart attack if she just knew what we been doin

man i’m prolly in the vip, need the keys to hit the car and hit the clip
took my n-gga quise to follies cause he ain’t been to the strip
bartender had an att-tude so she ain’t get a tip
that’s a fact to me, before i blow this rack i need my lawyer to get back to me

say i ain’t the man and you kiddin
hit the 20 grand and i’m jiggin x3

[verse 2]
they say you live and you learn. i roll one up and i burn
i pour one up i’m advancing
y’all busy waiting y’all turn

i don’t ask nicely i take it. i know you hate me let’s face it
i don’t collect empty bottles, just fully stocked ball mason’s
i hear the shot and i’m racin’, you take a shot and you chasin’

hit the 20 grand and i’m jiggin x2
i hit the… uh

[verse 3]
boy you complacent with chillin
i grow adjacent with millions
i feel like jason i’m k!llin
spittin like i need a fillin
she told i got no feelings
so if you ever try to hurt me guaranteed i won’t feel it
you got no heart and no spirit

hit the 20 grand and i’m jiggin x2
i ain’t the man and you kiddin’
hit the 20 grand and i’m jiggin