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rich boy – drop (freestyle) lyrics


[rich boy]
my maserati and ferrari like to chill with my mercedes
see my bentley what i got when my two phantoms had a baby
ain’t that crazy? why you lazy?
i get chauffeured like ms. daisy
f-ck you p-ssy-n-gga, pay me!
my lambo’ do ’bout two-eighty
thought you sellin’, heard you tellin’
thought you k!llin’ why you stealin’
thought you dealin’ why you chillin’
you ain’t ballin’ with a million

god made me super rich, the devil made you stupid b-tch!
you could be just like me if you quit with all that stupid sh-t
why you actin’ hard now? you must want to go see god now
the same n-ggers you were beafin’ with are up in your yard now
if you ’bout to run dog, i guess you better start now
you forgot to bring your gun so you got to use your heart now

it’s hard to get rich but it ain’t sh-t to go to h-ll;
it’s hard to sell dope but it ain’t sh-t to go to jail;
it’s hard to keep it real but it ain’t sh-t for you to tell;
i smoke so much of this that i can’t even hide the smell

now drop!

[verse 2]
we marijuana farmers, all our rides look like transformers
tell the pretty girls to pull their t-tties out and dance for us
you don’t need a gym cl-ss
crack like slim fast
take a hit and lose a f-ckin’ hundred pounds quick fast

snow cone, the chain on
i’m default, the chain on
my blunt goin’ keep the game off
we never take a game off!
find a hater, sign a hater!
let ’em see my elevator
hundreds in my ‘frigerator
now they know we’re gettin’ paper! (x2)

pull the coupe, the escalade
the enemy’s on respirators
million dollar generators
sly defense, investigate us
for fetchin’ cars, the prison bars
menage e trois, they’re playing cards
i swear its hard!
now drop!

now drop!