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rich kidd harris – in love with you lyrics


you know i love you??
none of these hoes can take your place
i’m talking bout we 1
f-ck the rest of these n-ggas
f-ck he rest of these hoes
f-ck thots
baby lets not let em come between us

ok ok!!
babby i been through it all
sh-t ain’t perfect
when i first met you
i admit i was nervous
i don’t care bout these b-tches
just want you to know it
you say you love me???
you got less than 3 weeks to show it
talking bout alotta on your plate??
that sh-t seems hopeless
babby don’t play
you know that you my only homie!!

why you wanna play with me??
(my emotions)
my feelings involved now
but why you choose to play
(why? why? why?)
you know that you my baby
this from the bottom of my heart
you got my -ss going crazy
i want you to have my baby
i know we young but my love for you
i’m the king
you the queen
where the motherf-cking throne??
anywhere that you want it to be
i just want you to show your love in me
hey hey hey heyyy



i get emotional
thinking bout you
i got hope 4
our relationships to last
baby this the future
don’t give 2 f-cks about the past
like baboon
tell it kiss our -ss
and we can muhhf-cking laugh about it
i just wanna take ya panties up off you
(why kidd)??)
bae s-xy
you won’t need clothes
when we s-xing
baby i’m turned on when we texting
read the messages
you the best at it
(i swear)
i wanna give you my children
(ooooh don’t laugh)
baby don’t worry i’m c-ming in a minute
your little bush so pretty
told you
everyday i think about us
how would the world be without us??
baby i won’t you to tell me you love me
tell me that you put no one above me
but god
and money


babbyyyyy just tell me you care for me??
tell me you gone be there for me
(for eternity)
tell me you love me infinity
its k!lling me
i just gotta knowwwww
i sung this cause i came from nothing
i wanna come up
with you bae
lets run up our numbers
and imma tell you now
don’t cheat on me
i will not do anything to hurt you baby
i swear to god
put that on my moms
i prooommmm-ise
i just wanna hug and a kiss
ayyye babbbbyyyy


tell me baby
tell me dasia
tell me do you care for me??
tell me are you gonna prepare for me??
and be there for me??