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rift giant – the betrayer lyrics


blinded, derided, reviled and in exile for life
listlessly walking, perpetual faltering stride
fettered and shackled, the chains rattle loudly behind
manacled sentence, an eon of penitent time

he who dared to dream
beyond the false regime
forced to toil alone
’til death shall he atone

silenced, compliant, a whole generation in line
lifelessly watching, the clock’s inexorable chimes
pealing, revealing, another fragmented design
of droning monotony, draining humanity’s fire

angels, demons, believers, heathens be warned
tear eyes from the heavens and look to this world of our own
corruption, pernicious, a poison so potent pervades
it numbs you to misery begat subjugation as slaves

for you are as they want
meek and mild and pr+ne
you nod your heads to them
and bow before their whims

cracking, breaking, society’s shaking in fright
thinkers and leaders, beginning to take up the fight
quashing the rulers who stand on our shoulders in spite
mandating lives with no trace of contrition ascribed
sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers behold
a world filled with choices and myriad options unfolds
the yoke of oppressors will crumble down into the dirt
from that prison now dust a new way of living is birthed

for this i’m named betrayer:
a world for the many in place
of a selfish and decadent wasteland
upon which the many can stand

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