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rimmersgard – winds beyond your time lyrics


read my own poems of bygone times, poems of a fading dream
and then, then sometimes i can hear a lovely tune
brought by the wind, tune from far, far beyond your time
but i can’t keep, cannot hold it, to soon, each time, it fades
tune from far beyond your time
to soon, each time, it shall fade again

feeling of emptyness remains where the tune has been
search for where the tune dwells, search for a better day
i’m looking back on my paths, i’m far along the way
and behind me in the distance i can see a shining light
witness of gone times, the place i’ve left
as the dream was bright
amongst the trees of the forest the vestiges still to be seen
… of a fading dream

so i can hear the echoes of days, days long p-ssed by
and i can see each of my steps that i’ve left behind
and so i wonder, wonder why i am so far
so far away off the place where i wanned to stay …

i allow my thoughts to wander through the time
back to the days of the light, back to the glade and the clear well
where i once sat, thought to stay, wanned to remain

close my eyes and fly over the land
in search for the place where i’ve been

close my eyes and float in higher air
far in the realms of my land

longing are my wings, they’re carried by the wind
winds beyond your time

i follow the tune played by no mortals hand
lovely, but yet cruel if i should fail