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rittz – love me lyrics


[verse 1: rittz]
let me tell you a story
yeah, well let me tell you about kesha and deron
kesha was afraid of getting cheated on, he was always gone
one day she was peeking through his phone
saw a couple texts about s-x didn’t know who they were from
she just tried to play dumb
the following friday, he said he’s gonna kick it with his boys at the drive way
she hopped inside her honda and followed him
i’d a, paranoid if i was him
but he ain’t see her follow him, behind him when he pulled into the parking lot
met this white girl, kesha’s jaw just dropped
when he kissed her and he pinched her little -ss right in front of her
kesha started crying, she just couldn’t stomach the thought of her fiance underneath the sheets
f-ckin someone else pulled a gun from underneath the seat of the car
screamed “deron how you gonna do me like this?
you wanna leave me to screw this stupid white chick?”
she said, “who are, you?”
“i’m his future wife b-tch, kesha blacked out her pupils lookin huge and lifeless
she pulled the trigger, shot the b-tch in the head
shot deron and she cried while he bled
all she said was…

he don’t love me, love me
he don’t love me anymore
don’t love me, love me
not the way he did before

[verse 2: rittz]
well let me tell you about cindy and todd
todd got cindy pregnant so they moved in together to start
a happy family but everything is falling apart
they always arguing cause todd is partying hard
he’s got a credit card again so he could save his cash
spend hers on the gas spend his on a bag of some ice plus he stay up all night on mother’s day
he had a story cindy sure he’s hittin usher late
she’s crying, why you choose the drugs over me
every night you either geeked up, drunk, or smokein’ weed
how we the f-ck we supposed to be decent parents when the baby comes
you ain’t ever home i’m already raisin’ one
she know better, she’s what you call a cutter
when she’s depressed, she goes in to the bathroom cupboard and takes a box cutter scr-pes her arms till they bleed
no wonder in the summer she was wearing long sleeves
all she really wants is a man off speed
“god please” she was screamin carvin in her palms crease
bloodstains on the carpet
scars on her thighs, all she does is sit in her apartment and cry like “why?…”

he don’t love me, love me
he don’t love me anymore
don’t love me, love me
not the way he did before

[verse 3: rittz]
the last story is about devin and joann
she’s been his girlfriend for 7 years but he’s a married man
told joann that he plans to tell his wife that it’s over
he’s got a couple kids, but he would disown ’em
and run away with her so they could start a life together
they plotted this for years, it’s finally now or never
but devin starts to think about his daughter and his son
and starts to feel guilty bout the father he’s become
now the thought of leaving home’s not an option
wants to try to work on his marriage, first he got it break it off
with joann, when they had that phone call
she just lost it, she said, “your love is all i needed, it was god sent
it’s all i ever wanted, i can’t live without it
you wanna live without me, i just won’t allow it”
the next night at 11:34 pm, she just went and broke in devin’s door
creeped up the staircase to his daughter’s room
neighbors said all you heard, was a loud boom
and she shot his son too laying in the bunk bed
dude on the news said it was a blood shed
devin’s runnin down the hall then you heard a gun go off then you heard somebody fall
heard she shot him in the b-lls and neck
wend and k!lled his wife while she begged, shot herself in the head
the suicide letter said that…

he don’t love me (d-mn, b-tches are crazy), love me
he (hey, love’s a powerful thing) don’t love me anymore
don’t (love is a powerful thing) love me, love me (i love you)
not the way he did before