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ritual carnage – axiom lyrics


look into the mirror, reflecting this sewer world
will i ever realize, that i am on my own
for nothing is ever set in black, everything is grey
program my existence, program everything i say

i am born again, i’m cleansed, my fears and insecutiries
blind my eyes so i can’t see, just take my hand and lead me

as i stand before you now, i dedicate my life to you
i’ve given everything i have, and every t-the due
with my neurotic state of mind, i need god to heal me
or i may into some void, god can’t you hear me

god spoke to me in my prayers, doesn’t he speak to you?
could i be controlling my thoughts, the point is probably true
god lives in me in my soul, i yearn for just a sign
imagination playing games inside my mind

no thirst for you holy water, blood has spoiled it’s taste
drowned in your fabled past, nothing but a waste
their’s no light on the other side, no light at the end
recycled immortality, your sacrement is dead

come down off the cross you bear, can’t you feel my pain
i’ve given you everything i had, i take your name in vain