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ritual carnage – terror ends here lyrics


on eastern sh-r-s in troubled lands
time stands still and men regress
plunging into holy war
mounting human death toll

jubilation in the west bank
as heathens dance in blood filled streets
a black sunset where mecca lies
fudning terrorist crimes

the war has just begun
so take up your arms
there is no escape

spreads the plague across the globe
prophecy of xenophobes
they listen to allah’s call
slay the infidel and cause dischord

islamic countries sympathize
never will they realize
we’re all the same in flesh and bone
but who will cast the first stone?

human bomber, roadside device
to main and kill is their desire

seeking out innocent to slay
the p.l.o. martyrs brigade
innocent blood stains their faith
cursed, their purity of hate

world war iii new enemy
a monetary monarchy
sponsors terror, violent death
united nations dollars waste