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riul doamnei – stigmatized under marian grace lyrics


ghost of city lay still under white aurora moon spell genuflexed the nails i felt during the sunday sermon at easter m-ss

am i a servant?a rosary kisser i face holy virgin licking my fingers am i a sinner?smoke for belivers am i a liar?faith in my inner l-st

my hands started bleeding on the marble stair

under marian grace i suffer her desire in stigma plague perversion creeps in tender cares my pain and wounds so rare she taught me in naked darkness to impart the cruel caress her mercy’pon my mortal flesh witnessing on earth

be bound to serve in crimson spill her p-ssion in wales on skin pale my lips slowly move on to pray for all those who wonder the miscreant shall believe the blind will see and the mute will speak

am i a servant?am i a sinner? stigmatized under marian grace