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rizzoo rizzoo – drip set flow lyrics


y’ain’t gon’ play with her

everything i say i mean it (i mean it)
from the cars, clothes, and jewelery on king sh+t (king)
and i don’t rap about this sh+t if i ain’t seen it (i saw it)
or i don’t rap this sh+t if i ain’t lived it (i did it)
i just walked up in the wester’ and bought some diors (drip)
too many bags up in my hands, valet open the door
feel like i just seen a rocket, [?] flyin’ to mars
my son made me a better man, i just thank the lord (thank the lord)
i had a dream i k!lled myself, i had to talk to god
i woke up straight up out my sleep, i had to grab the rod
’cause it was somethin’ feelin’ strange, i was feelin’ dark
i count it up, twenty bands, started movin’ forward
this sh+t here get sticky, no l.a., but you get ricky (you get ricky)
they know i’m picky, foreign b+tches wanna l!ck me
don’t give me no hickey, just suck it until you slippy
and i can’t go in naked, baby girl, you tryna trick me (you tryna trick me)
i’ve been workin’ out, livin’, just gettin’ in shape
i got your b+tch up in my dm, say [?] feel like weights
god put me through that sh+t, he know what i can take (ooh)
and i pray everyday, ’cause i sin when i wake (ooh)
my son wanna play football, he gotta give his all
’cause everytime he fall down, he gotta stand up tall
green amg slide, love how it crawl
finna cop the 9+11, i did it for y’all
more paper in my pocket than i ever had in school
can’t trust none of my life back, just know i tell the truth
blood sheet up in the family, so i got from under roof
they ain’t believe just like magic, and guess what? boom
feel like the best one in the booth
i just win, i can’t lose
ain’t pick this life, i ain’t choose
just learned to play it by the rules
just learned to play it by the rules
just learned to play it by the rules
just learned to play it by the rules (when you play it by the rules, to just go with the flow, man, you gonna win, y’know what i’m sayin’? just stay consistent with your life)
rizzoo rizzoo
rizzoo rizzoo cuttin’ up (it’s hot)

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