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rj benjamin – shut up lyrics


it’s the same old story
i’m hearing the same old sorry’s again
it’s the names you call me
i never could see us being friends

whenever i start to wonder
whenever it seems like things are starting to work
you’ve taken my heart asunder
and we keep tripping when there’s nothing left to be heard

shut up, i’m tired of the time we waste
shut up, we’re making the same mistakes
shut up i said we’re pushing the live away
shut up, we gotta
shut up, and we need ta shut up

it’s the way it happens
its like a habit we find hard to break
and like a chain reaction
it’s the smallest that turn our love to hate

and like a raging fire
the louder we get the more we’re out of control
and we’re not acting like lovers
it’s like we’re living together
but still we are so alone


if you don’t like what see girl
then i should be outta your world
if you can’t see that it hurts me
then i can’t be with you baby
if it’s only cuz you’re lonely
then replace me with a phoney
won’t b long until you miss me
but you’ll disagree that’s a guarantee

shh, stop. quit with rapping
i’m p-ssed off when this always happens
i wish i could twist up your package
and zip lock your lips
get to packing and get lost
leave your behind
be free of your whining
you evil sometimes
but even as i get to leave and find
feelings inside give me reason to blind my eyes
to all those hurtful words
and i see only curves and curves
realised this love i much bigger than that
we part, my heart couldn’t live with the fact
so i’m ready to work if you’re ready to work it
somewhere inside i think maybe it worth it
before we bust up
call me tomorrow today let’s shut up

final chorus