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rmc mike & rio da yung og – inergee too lyrics


energy beats

(rmc mike)
i just stabbed a n+gga up with a kitchen knife
i need a whole bag to get me bag at 69
swag(?) called wit a four of wock, he want sixty+five
b+tch asked me what i want to eat i said shrimp and fries
i need my sh+t fried hard
finna go swimming in that p+ssy f+ck a lifeguard
seen the stage and didn’t break a sweat i got on right guard
i’m just trying to overcome the struggle, b+tch my life hard

(rio da yung og)
f+cked a b+tch and fell asleep quick, i guess she put it on me
robbed a couple n+ggas last year, they still looking for me
told the plug i wanna sell bud, he put some cookie on me
i’m f+cked up he gave me two then i took one from him
ion wanna buy the wocky pint unless the booklet on it
bought a real knife in the county, gave him a cook up for it
tuck my shirt in when i do fraud tryna look important
two ounces of acc in the cream look like a bunch of mortar

(rmc mike)
bought a glock+40 from a deaf for a zip of soft
shot a thousand rounds out the drake the wood wiggled off
rio f+ck with st. bernard but this some different dog
unc let the birds fly away boy thats pigeon talk
i can’t buy the pint from you if the seal been off
hit the brick like six times, d+mn near k!lled the dog
burning tires in the h+llcat the rubber peeling off
you need a split well here’s a number you can call
(rio da yung og)
new skeletized ar pistol weigh eleven pounds
extended clip on the 50 cal hold eleven rounds
i was f+cking six hoes a day i had to settle down
man this beat hitting hard as f+ck cut the treble down
i ain’t got the ab10 no mo but there’s some tech around
right now all the hoes i’ got bleeding but there’s some neck around
used to hoe n+ggas sipping green but i respect em now
too much lubricant on my glock it won’t eject the round

(rmc mike)
cuz caught a body on the slab he in texas now
dumb and dumb3r went so f+ckin hard they took r3kless down
put my all in a fake brick and it let me down
i ain’t like jewelry at first i want a necklace now
i don’t want that wraith truck i want a tesla now
standard magazine don’t hold enough i need several rounds
dawg said he got some bows for what n+gga settle down
hit my wax pen on the plane sh+t very loud

(rio da yung og)
i know a n+gga with a brick but won’t sell a ounce
if you owe me something and you broke n+gga sell your house
sold a n+gga twenty+nine grams and took the extras out
if that sh+t don’t jump back you gotta melt it down
mike was drinking qualy, i had red and wouldn’t sell a ounce
then this n+gga found some actavis i’m jealous now
he ain’t put no oil in his scat he need headers now
ten bands in twenties in my jeans had to wrestle it out