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robert louis – won’t fall lyrics


[verse 1: robert louis]

cl-ss like bogart, drive like go kart
i make wishes on shooting stars
why do they push beauty cars? and not me?
that’s that envy, just turned 20 so
good sign that i want my own?
just grind and youll make it home that’s what i say
now hit the j, like you’re in the nba
pull a kobe, fade away
all the bullsh-t is so hard to avoid
plug my headphones in to drown out the noise
robert with a voice now, so make you’re choice
who the best around? who can hold down with a smile
who can make ‘em go wild? like child losing their mommy
gunning for the throne call me tommy
shooting words in your dome, welcome home
i k!lled the game, did it for the fame
you can put that on me, i’m trying to be a boss
showing no remorse cuz i have to stay the course
heading to the dark sid,i feel the force
what an eye sore or a sight for sore eyes
either way your times’ up, peace, goodbye
i rarely f-ck b-tches, all about the business
giving you a gift and its not even christmas yet
turn it up, show me some respect kid

[hook] (x2)
you’ll never bring me down
yeah you’ll never bring me down
step aside, don’t try
i have spark in my eyes
what you want? what you need?
it ain’t sh-t to me!
i’m moving faster and you’re a disaster
you’re not what i’m after
i stayed west cuz i know it’s the best
and i haven’t had a problem yet

[verse 2: robert louis]

welcome to new school, new kicks, new rules
i dove in like the game was a swimming pool
and you know that i know how to swim
f-ck playing victim, you don’t got to miss me
you can just tell me nothing, i’m expanding my budget
won’t talk i don’t even fuss with it
they all hated when i thought i was the best
but so did they so it doesn’t make much sense
if you didn’t think you were, you thought that i was
now i’m turned up, crazy huh?
at the point now where not much can phase me
i get around and i prefer to bus it
i’ve seen people get f-cked up i don’t trust it
but that’s the route to take to get hooded
holly good sh-t, amda bomb b-tch
i love the bright lights, i love the late nights
someone please show me how to do this sh-t right
i’m so raw on the mike but i sound tight
gotta think that, gotta trust the rap that i’m spitting
flying high like griffin
scoring touchdowns and so animated
hey obama i made it, on the route to the fame and sh-t
spittin’ nasty
like tiger woods f-cking his caddy
going hard like a stabbing
going in hard you can’t touch me
go ahead try to judge me
but i don’t give a f-ck, i’m stuck in bullsh-t
why the f-ck are the stupid ones the cool kids?
i don’t get it, i don’t know
but i am gunna put on a show for y’all
sh-tting on ‘em like a bathroom stall
dressed in all black like a soro dime
i prefer some color though, so let the lights shine