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robert pollard – in the house of queen charles augustus lyrics


truly i saw a fallen wave upon its way
truly i saw the undetermined person
truly i saw goin’ up and down on
truly i saw the empties fired away
truly i saw 12 states on 50 pages
truly i saw the cover and the color
truly i saw the quail and the quasar
truly i saw the empties fired away

telegram of steam
and winter green
when the senators gather
crash the place
a fusion of their metals
and 10 winos grin
wings, hoofs, and halos
all again
for matters worse
and public scourge
that’s why they bring women
to eat with them
when they get fat enough
pull the cork
and watch the party flow
have courage + do not trade them
to the devil for your selfish souls
i trade her now
in my sunday’s best
you deserve it
the threads of gold
wear your soft light man costume
they are pros for you again
when they come again
the sun will shine again
in the house of queen charles augustus
there for all to see