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roc marciano – better know lyrics


uh, come on, yeah
marc n-gga
we got these n-ggas i told you baby we got these n-ggas…
better know
you better know
you better know
you better know
better know
uh, come on

[verse 1]
the weed loud but the money quiet
keep it down, let no one inquire (shhhh)
the secret’s out like my truck is wired
b-tches trippin’ out, i’m just such a liar
nothing under mysis shrimp and jambalaya
pulling up in something fire, bulletproof so you been dying
tell the truth, we movin’ china but
my new boo, she hawaiian
got your jiggaboo [writers?]
who you think, you lucious lyon
oh ma the new routines is hot an’
soon as i roll up mama hop in
[?] see n-ggas from the block when – don’t it?
i’m very handsome in the telly
lampin’ in my h-lly hansen
few israeli b-tches’ belly dancin’
manis and petis, mercedes
got my ladies giuseppes, check it
baby 380’s stashed in avis and pelles, buss it
hopped out the foreign, they thought i was warren buffett
from here on its all or nothin
if i fall off i turn on the oven
if you trippin’, drop a few long on the luggage
n-gga you ball on a budget
i ain’t nothing to be f-cked with (nuthin n-gga)
bring in my h-rns and trumpets

check it though
i’m just checking notes
can’t disrespect it though
this what they beggin for
the yay from mexico, you gotta stretch it though
? price was really low ?
b-tch you better know
you better know (better know)
you better know (better know)
don’t ever cuff a ho, you gotta let em go
i just said it so, now you better know
you better know (you better know)
better know (you better know)

[verse 2]
f-ck you mean
my hook will make you lean like b-tter bean
my money clean, don’t play me close, just give me 20 feet
might find me chubby on a sunny beach, my gun in reach
so many rap but only very few become elite
they love me in the street
they see i’m on a winning streak
b-tches love that d when they go ? ?
presidential on the wrist but never been impeached
f-ck a beef i’m trynta hit a l!ck and live in peace
?get the streets?, i’ve been [through or to?] many freaks
i’m too pretty, don’t ?pity me?
i’m just a geto boy like willie d
i think my mind’s playin’ tricks on me
got a couple b-tches turnin tricks for me
i’m the sh-t homie
sh-t, and only slow but i’m far from a one trick pony
stick you for that brick, you never get 40
pistol whip your b-tch and make her strip for me
uh, suck d-ck slowly
bang you for your chips and piece of sh-t ?roly?
n-ggas out here frontin like they know me, blow me
i got more cheese than macaroni
i’m a motherf-cking o.g