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rockin rhonda the rhonkeys – sally lyrics


sally is a girl with a real mean style
her wiggle in her walk drives the boys all wild
she looks the other way
steals their pride and their money
sets their hearts on fire
when she calls them honey

as a child she was a good little girl
watched her pretty life from behind her curls
daddy’s little princess
had a fairytale home
he gave her everything she wanted
and a castle of her own

but she wasn’t so good
she wasn’t so good
she didn’t always do what a good girl should

sally dirty sally
how’d you get so wild
sally dirty sally
how’d you get so wild
used to be a good girl and live your life clean
but now dirty sally is the queen of mean


i saw her last week with the new guy in town
ridin’ in his car he drives her all around
he bought her furs and diamonds
rings and all those things
now sally’s got a t bird
but the guy can’t be found

when you see sally comin’ better turn the other way
’cause one look from her will put you in her cage
she’ll wrap you round her finger
take your breath away
then she’ll cast you off
when she’s tired of the game