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rodney g – taj mahal lyrics


test my headphones again? yo
gotta stay still

[verse 1: rodney g]
sn-tch a n-gga pockets man i’m going deebo
i don’t play no games this is not recess
swagger ain’t gained or lost, it’s preset
baby wanna f-ck a boss i peeped that
gun on my waist ain’t jacking me bruh
when i pull up i’m here believe it
man i’m so clean, the pockets is oil sheen
ain’t no dripping, i’m wet as an ocean
ram with the bam i’m sharp as a point down
hair nice braided, i’m ready to go now
chokehold rap, i’m smacking the smackdown
cl!ck, clack, d-mn he follow the lord now
i’m a dog, so put me to a dog and i eat (ruff!)
swagger ain’t shh so check out the boy feet
all blue wallet, i call it my boise
5 to a 6, i’m holding up 1 thing
yah yah b-tch, get back from the boy clean
how you want beef forever avoiding ?
45 shot, i play for the old heat
close close range, i promise i get him
hit his chest then point out his wig piece
sleep sleep good from getting the head piece
smoke so good my eyes need an iv
screaming “f-ck you!” forever i’m meaning

[verse 2: tragedy]
indian flow, kick down the door, give me the dough
habibi give me all the rupees and all the gold
red dot on your forehead, that’s not a bindi though
play a tune from the flute and all the snakes gone show
play a n-gga like halo, that’s how the game go
dunking from the free throw like antetokounmpo
why you running your mouth, man you breaking the g code
all my hitters is cutt throat, they on a payroll
i’m the king of the temple, send my warriors to get rid of ya
all black mask, they pull up in something tinted up
dressed in all camo like they just stepped out an army truck
all these rappers trash, i’m pulling up in a garbage truck
grab that little uzi and pull it because we heard enough
all your friends are dead while tragedy sitting in the cut
clip up to his head, i cut all his nappy dreads off
chopper eat him up because he’s sweeter than a cinnabon
push him to the edge like a 300 gladiator
wanna battle? put that red beam to your head like i’m darth vader
heavy metal, pistol whippy now you lumped up like a camel
lame n-ggas give me cancer like i smoked a pack of camels
same n-ggas be the ones that cross you over like a handle
same reason i just flipped your main b-tch just like a channel
same sh-t a different day, they say i’m way too much to handle
came with the flame burning up the wax (whacks) just like a candle