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rogue soul – december coming lyrics


winter air never felt so cold before
right now, i’ve got nothing worth fighting for
this is real
this is you
this is me

give me something to find
something to hold
gravity let go of me long ago
snow is falling
life is coming soon
the warmth never felt so good
without you

i don’t know where we’re going
but i hope you know
you’re the glimmer in my eye
forwards, backwards
upside down
don’t you know you’re the glimmer in my eye
forwards, backwards
upside down
don’t you know you’re the glimmer in my eye

rollin’ around, hiding in a place; i am not found
voices in my head tellin’ me i’m not sound
light ‘em up and then i’m off ground
yeah, virgin galactic boutta blast off
like i’m automatic
semi-problematic, emphatic, pneumatic, and kinda erratic
i am not bound
by all the principles and academics
epidemic in my head; send me a medic
fly away / take me to where my pen becomes my pistol
my paper’s a disorder and linkin park’s my scripture
december coming, no need to be running
the future’s just ahead of us
life changes all of a sudden

this is december coming
i told you you shoulda been running
back in november
before you remembered
rogue soul on the ballot like a socialist agenda
ain’t got no beef, just a bone to pick
already burned em up, they smoldering
i’m on this beat, i’m on this hook
i made your track, you stole my look
this is for you my 7-3-2
and all my people out here at ru (rah rah)
kidding me with your nonsense
keep trying to get the best of me
i thought i already told you don’t question my authority
(and your) out like a light
like you got hit by the frostbite
start a new age takin it to new heights
no ice, just waves, perfect balance, no marvel shade
rogue soul here with revolution
2019 / december evolution