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roosky boy – rawspberry lyrics


roosky boy cooking these bars all day
like a humble warrior. namaste
you stay plain whilst i’m gourmet
i’m a main course meal. you just an entrée

pull up in the caddy and your girl calling me daddy
she being real chatty. said she from cincinnati
always freestyle. never read off a script
gucci chain on my neck. it’s gold dipped

my boy harpbeat right next to me
what coincide? this is destiny
i will be remembered. that’s my legacy
f-ck today. we can do this endlessly

spitting this straight from the heart. it’s art
turn this up. cause we’re climbing the charts
i am the only roosky. there is no counterpart
you sour like a raspberry tart

vidi me sada dok ja nosim prada
i pijem najbojla kava
ja jedem gulash. dok ti pusis kurac
ti imas nis. ja sam pun novac

yeah. you like a little frog. ribbit. ribbit
you trying to copy. a midget mimic
no need to lie. just be explicit
admit i am the best and got no limit

hear everyone start chanting my name
time to rise to the throne and claim my fame
yeah. i am the best you can’t contest. f-ck the rest
representing the roosky crest on my chest

like wait. what are you trying to talk about?
who you trying to threaten to knockout?
bruv your head’s like a brussel sprout
take your boyfriend and get out

i mean listen for a minute. this ain’t a joke
i got better things to do then drink or smoke
the boys and i are never broke
always out patrolling and drinking c0ke

we do this from the dusk until the dawn
keep going on like i’m in a marathon
got a pot of gold like a leprechaun
the name is roosky. i am a phenomenon

still eating the raspberry tart
this beat was a work of art
now it’s time to come to the end
wrap this sh-t up and bring it in

taking a break with some ice tea
going for the leadership nominee
write my name down. you already know me
roosky boy for school captain 2017