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roots – the dark (trinity) lyrics


[verse 1: black thought]
mountain high and valley low and river wide and tunnel deep
i have traveled chasing demons screaming all i find i keep
if you don’t pay like you weigh alright okay that’s fine with me
i’ma just spray my heat and say my piece and lay you down to sleep
ain’t n-body tell you clowns to speak
i’mma ak you down the street
draw that pump that’s built for the riots see how quiet y’all can keep
ain’t no wilding it ain’t no problem
it ain’t no question it ain’t no beef
cut that check then things are sweet
i’ma go buy some diamond teeth
i’ll be d-mned if my setback gonna help you get back on your feet
no surrender no retreat
n-gg- we out here trying to eat
hashtag, diamond dog tag
money bag, nice swag, pockets need an ice bag
toe tag, body bag
n-gg-s lose their lives sad
rockets in their flight path
breaking bad, making bad
choices out here thinking fast
smoking wet and drinking bad
soaking wet and sinking fast
shoot them n-gg-s making cash
stick them n-gg-s take their stash
the law of gravity meets, the law of averages
ain’t no sense in attempting to civilize savages
even though i wish i could be spared my embarr-ssment
i’m a n-gg-, other n-gg-s pale in comparison
we out in paris yet but still a n-gg- perishing
no idea how much time’s left, f-ck trying to cherish it
a life in times unchecked, now that’s american
inherit the wind, pressure in everything

[verse 2: greg p-rn]
the world ain’t ready for someone like me
and life is s-x, stress, drama and i’m hooked on all 3
i’d rather o.d. than be the next o.g
you fronting for a wh-r- that already chose me
one man revolution that’s supportin prost-tution
i’m trying pimp the game, where balling don’t mean hooping
and riding don’t mean cruising
it mean keep your b-tch–ss moving
if you ain’t built for bruising, redrum ain’t in your blueprint
in a jungle made of concrete, every animal jumanji
on eazy-e and pcp, -ss-cash or ebt
how you monetize pigeons on a power line
on a road to the riches every dudes a dollar sign
i don’t mind, i don’t mind, long as all the smoke is mine
and the liquor store delivers faster than a papa johns
and i heard that death is calling, money’s on the other line
the last episode of good times is my life

[verse 3: dice raw]
it’s a phrase they say in the streets when the young players meet:
“get rich or die trying”
but the funny thing about that phrase to me
is that these little n-gg-s be lying
cause don’t n-body wanna die
but everybody trying to get rich though
but the f-cked up thing about that
these lil’ n-gg-s don’t how to get rich so
i still run with those angels
man i still peep all those angles
speaking with guns, speaking in tongues
talking that arabic and that yiddish
riding them trains, stashing them chains, bangles
yeah i played all those games, though
my tag on the wall, you n-gg-s look up
you can still see my name yo
how did i end up where i’m at?
it’s kind of hard to explain yo
i remember all i wanted was a gold chain and a kangol
i remember all i wanted was a gold chain and some jordans to
impress that b-tch, then i got that b-tch
now all i want from her’s an abortion
my mind filled with distortion
my eyelids say caution
yeah i sold crack to get my soul back
they say it’s gonna cost a fortune
and i wonder if allah take debit?
‘cause a n-gg- got real bad credit
if not i ain’t got a whole lot so a n-gg- like me just can forget it