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roverhiphop – levels lyrics


levels, super mario, super sonic you take your pick
jumping over barriers, look i’m on it, i’ll take your chick
always getting h-ssled, you’ve been on it cos i’m atheist
change the f-cking channel this ain’t new england patriots, b-tch

this is levels, i’m over hundred
you clowns on level one you’re so below you’ve wondered
if you should set me a target cos in my scope i’ve hunted
probably everyone who’s shot at me and i’m not joking hudson
roll the blunt son, let’s kick it back to old school chap since new rap is shameless
hail all the boom bap rap i’d slap the trap but it’s brainless
they take shots but there aimless if i got shot it’d be painless, i’m the prophet so flame this, your talking nonsense like seamus (finnigan)
watch me win again, british citizen englishman smoking on indica, picture me at the cinema take my popcorn i’m breaking your fibula, silva
i’m a pr-ck i’ll finish ya, diminish your lyrics and spin you quitters erupt until you l!ck up your liquor
i’ll get you drunker than mister lahey then the next day come deliver your liver
i’m mostly humble, go off topic when i start with a story
i speak about my life next minute, talking ballermoury
i’m important to some, but dead to half of my city
i’m lit and spit with biggie
like i partnered with diddy
now check it
i’m not the average guy
warface to a battle cry
i don’t have to lie, ain’t been the same since my grandad died
i just p-ss the time by writing, smoking with a rapper mind
your loyal then you’re pal of mine, you’re not then you are out my line
in my world you start a war you either fight it or leg it
i share a picture critics sh-t on me like i said it, iv read it!
you judge anything with a pulse but you’re not perfect yourself
i smoke weed you smoke the dulse you’re not perfect with health
cataracts the third blindness brother but who woulda’ knew
politics and religion i’m afraid that they remain the other two
if there’s dozens of religions and there’s one that should be true
you ask me to follow one i wouldn’t have a f-cking clue
got rappers who stab my back, so you got rhymes? then come show me
copy captions, copy lyrics when they lie way below me
bottom line is homie, i just rhyme i’m lowkey
don’t say anything towards islam or you’re an islamaphobe
it’s rvr b-tch this is rover enlightenment
i left the o e out of rover since i’m over exciting, row like a viking, b-tches out here now that do a pose for there liking
but in reality, there families hate to show what there fighting, for
rappers on my d-ck, asking for features and pics
i don’t get mentioned through jealousy b i’m here for the kids
i’m doing this to get respect and get my family out the sh-t
so if you want me featured on your track bro it’s not happening, pr-ck
you can’t rap your the wrong kid, i conquer armies, bomb sh-t
i got my long spliff, i’m popping shots off like i’m john wick, i’ve gone sick
john jo gotti prominence is one thing, on my head so get in my way you’ll be taking off your f-cking thong quick!
chasing papers now, rap against me face the pavement ground, cos i can chase you down the line quick, like mason caton brown
your hating face it clown you ain’t got sh-t to say your shaking now
i know it’s frustrating but you ain’t waiting you impatient cow

levels, super mario, super sonic you take your pick
jumping over barriers, look i’m on it, i’ll take your chick
always getting h-ssled, you’ve been on it cos i’m atheist
change the f-cking channel this ain’t new england patriots