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royal’z – aye fuckboy lyrics


that’s exactly what you are!
well if you didn’t know
if you didn’t f-cking know!

castles fall beneath your feet
we’re all up in your face with the bullsh-t that you eat
under the surface
keeping it so short and sweet
anyplace, anywhere
but you don’t want to meet

one thing i can’t understand
is how you’re such a f-cking b-tch, but you think you’re a man
oh sh-t
you can’t handle it
you’re just another f-ckboy who likes to talk some sh-t

is our vision slightly slanted?
i can’t believe you left me empty handed
i spit a threat right back at you
hey homie, what the f-ck you gonna do?

i don’t give a sh-t
i’m not the one who’s afraid to get hit
you’re a piece of sh-t
are you still mad cause i f-cked your
you know

you’re just another f-ckboy
but the undertow’s got you by the foot, boy
you can try to run, but you’ll never f-cking hide, boy
talking sh-t right out of your -ss, boy

the difference is the world can see
that you’re fake as f-ck
but buddy, that ain’t me
and what evidence you think you can find and preach?
i’ll let you know my life was shaped by those who lied to me
you can’t change their view of what they thought of you
when the smell of f-cking sh-t is stuck on you
tripping in the dark with those clumsy shoes
it’s time to
punch a motherf-cker right in the face
you’ve been caught in the wrong place

with everything that you’ve said and done
you’re gonna be the one who’s dead and gone

always running your mouth, but i can see
oh yeah
deep down you’re scared of me
oh haters gonna hate cause they never see
the piece of sh-t is you pointing fingers at me