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rubblebucket – down in the yards lyrics


takes all the lives of the liars up in babylon
armed with the knives fall in stride can’t put troubles on
yield all the sins up the ante with bad company
those who escape party down in the yards
greets all the stings with good smiles of triumphancy
turnstile gates flip and smash smoke to red
inside the rust there’s a gushing love
into the night
the ones who choose to defy
going to find a party
down in the yards, down in the yards
we don’t need anything
it isn’t what we use to get down anyway
when they say go away
go away, get on down to the yards
(radios, dancing hoes, twisted clowns, paper crowns, radios)
amidst all the fires people dance with their bodies off
floating away on a trip so divine
radios play through their ears bursting ecstasy
those who escape party down in the yards
wooooo oo oo ooh