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ruben studdard – after the candles burn lyrics


[sweet lovin music playing]

time, is all we have…
look around and see… it’s just you and me, baby…
the atmosphere is love… the thunder’s rolling
hit the lights, ’cause they keep going in and out…
i’d rather see your silhouette, once the candle’s lit.. oooooo

hold me, baby, keep it (keep it coming, baby)
all night long (’til after the candles burn)
and we’ll still be going on and on (’til after the candles burn)
and huggin and kissing ’til morning, the sun will be shinning and will be..
going and on. (’til after the candles)

burn!…oooh oohh… oooo

don’t be suprised if i start to cry
from the emotions taking over our body, your body and mine..
(and let the self decide, you’d ask if i would ever stop at my reply),
is i won’t stop!! like these candles will be burning… ohh


all these feelings (all these feelings, baby) inside us combine
as we capture love supernaturally..
it can’t be denied.
for the moment, we’ve been waiting for our whole lives
(we’ll never be needed as we finished)
we’ll light those candles and do it again! and again!!!