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rucka rucka ali – rucka & friends lyrics


whats up b-tches
hi rucka
who wants to smoke some crack?
ha ha, aww sh-t

[verse 1]
rucka is a n-gg- from down in his mother’s bas-m-nt
when he’s hard he really smart and pretty f-cking racist

ah, sh-t, yeah, no, sh-t, ahh, sh-t, no, oh, um, no

[verse 2]
rucka was chosen by some, white guy think he jesus
children buy all of his music if their parents geeze him
rucka’s always on the roll and chiller on probation
the only kind he ever did was public masturbation
rucka is the f-cking voice of our generation
f-ck you two with alcolube i really f-cking hate them

ahh b-tch b-tch b-tch
scully jeez rucka