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ruff endz – please don’t forget about me lyrics


please don’t forget about me

i know i made mistakes before
but girl i never lied, still i apologize
and i know sometimes i made you cry
but now i realize, i need you by my side
when it comes to you, i swallow my pride
cuz you’re the reason why i feel so alive
girl please tell me you’ll still be my lady
without your love in my life, i’ll go crazy

i know i made mistakes before
(but i never lied)
tell me if you’re leaving me
(or staying by my side)

you know that i love you
i wanna know what to do
please don’t forget about me

i know i shoulda thought about the things i did before i did ’em
if i could stop your tears…
oh girl, i can’t see a way to stop the pain that you’re feelin’
if i could make it right, god knows i will
please give me a chance to make things right, once again
before we fell in love, remember we were friends
so don’t let it end

[repeat 1]

all my life i’ve been searching for
a love so true
we’ve been, been together
so girl, everything i have is yours

[nokio of dru hill]
ruff endz, bringin’ it to you baltimore style
ya know what i’m sayin, for the year 9-9
and the dru world order
baltimore done it again
what you expect?
yo, bring it back

[baltimore done it again]
[ruff endz]
baby, you know i made mistakes…

[repeat 1 to fade]



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