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rugeman – booty becky lyrics


pump that booty up, pump that booty up, make it clap, make it real, how i like it, girl!

[verse 1]
the adrenaline’s pumping real hard, this b-tch more cheap than a pokemon card
you know she came off of thot boulevard, you know i like my b-tches booty big
i want that booty the size of a pig, you know what i’m saying, i want it big
i want it amazing, i want it bigger than a bouncy house, b-tch i want it super big
coulda called it superbooty, dont know what i’m talking bout, just listen to the hook

booty becky, booty becky, put it in a circle, b-tch you know me, you know i like my kush purple

[verse 2]
that b-tch causing chaos with her big fat -ss, i ain’t no meteorologist, but i think it’s raining b-tches, lol
what would you do for a klondike bar, i let the b-tch run me over with her car, not gonna let that happen doe
most of these prost-tutes are hoes, most of them just want money, i ain’t dealin’ with that kinda sh-t, because i have a wife and 3 kids, uh uh, just kidding, back to the hook


pump it up, pump it up, pump it up, baby, make the booty big, make it bigger than a pig