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rukahs the god – the bad guy lyrics


i’m the devil’s disciple
holdin’ a rifle
i’ve gone psycho
the most maniacal juvenile
badder than michael
i’m known to pwn opponents
up on this microphone
but don’t it seems funny
i didn’t even graduate high school
ya feeble cerebral will never be equal to mine
set fire to mics everytime that i’m speakin’ a line
i’m speakin’ my mind if you don’t like what i got to say
then f-ck you my n-gg- you can go head and speak to the nine
i been a d-ck but these predicaments
situations i’m placed in they fuel my rage to be heinous
i think i got an explanation
of why i been shitting on tracks
and crazier than a jack-ss in other words call me an -n-s
i been the same since 10th grade
the kid that used to get picked on
has now gone ape shit crazy
and ain’t it funny
how most of these rappers
that’s claiming they go the hardest
come to be the fakest and fraudulent ones
i’m not an emcee
i’m a messenger, lonely shepherd
making cheddar
tryin’ preach to these black sheep
jesus stopped walkin’ with me
he heard my verses and gave me a nervous look
and he told me that i gave em’ the creeps
the greatest heathen to pick up the microphone
and started breathin’
i been the truth since 97
do heaven got a ghetto
well f-ck it if so
i’ll be that n-gg- shootin’ dice with christ
up in the after life
sonny, i’m nice with the pen, pal
like a writing buddy
i been up working day n’ night
no kid cudi
my ex called me and told me that she was sorry
i’m like b-tch i must’ve gave you the wrong impression
cause we p-ssed sorry like i gave you the wrong direction
and made a u-turn
now you burn, that i won’t come back
i’m not the patriots
none compare when i rap circles
around these squares that declare
heir to the throne
cause i’m the bad guy

say h-llo to the bad guy (3x)

n-gg-, i’m mr.freeze with these 16’s
i’m cold-hearted and n-body
gon’ tell me different
my bar sick and these rappers better stand back
10 feet i’m so sick dog
i write my verse with a hazmat on
i k!ll rappers no if, ands n-gg-
i came face to face with death
he said he need a vacay
f-ck it i took his place
and took his face
better vacate when i go and kick a 8
i spit rhymes, and blow minds
just like i’m kurt cobain
everybody self-proclaim
“rap god” and act hard
shot different clips at these actors
just like a montages
i k!ll an instrumental
you dissin’ me is like
playing russian roulette
with a fully loaded pistol
the shit that i concoct
just the thought of it would sodomize ya mind
and probably go take a gun c-cked to it
i am the truest
driven by p-ssion to spit fire
desire the lighter fluid to do it
all i know is this murder
look in the windows of my soul
and you can tell that it’s curtains
am i making you nervous
i’m an -sshole
and a nuisance
ima k!ll the game
i’m that nuse sent
got guns bigger than that n-gg- jigga’s lips
you don’t even wanna go b-tch
i’m adolf mixed with jason
voorhees, homie
let’s be honest
i’m the hottest rapper
to ever come up out a set of speakers
i may be a backpack rapper but you f-ggots
really think i packed it in
i packed a punch
and i’m done playing around
(oh shit!)
on these beats i’m a f-cking behemoth
with the g*nius of
hawking stephen, i mean
stephen hawking you awestricken
when bars kicked
and you sound autistic
when you spit it
i’m not kiddin’
i’m sick without the penicillin
the villain back with a vengeance
committing this verbal murder
i’ll probably beat the case
guess you can say that i got away with words
you turds better ketchup
cause you mustard heard
that rukahs the bad guy