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rupaul – get your rebel on lyrics


“get your rebel on”

fed up with a stupid world! where’s my dummy gun?
shoot ’em up, bang bang bang
i say we forget the noise! take ’em one by one
get it done, hey hey hey

high society – better when we’re left alone
the hypocrisy – saying that you will but you won’t
the audacity – tell us that our love is wrong
get your rebel on [oh oh so]

stand up, light a fire up
gotta fight to live how you wanna love
and raise your voices, sing a battle song
a revolution, get your rebel on

ooh ooh ooh ah, i’m gonna be there
ooh ooh ooh ah, am i gonna see you tonight?

if you can dance, you can start a revolution
be a freedom fighter, synthesize a boom boom boom
use your body as weapon of m-ss destruction
new york to l.a. devastate

(love) be a rebel tonight



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