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russell! – kicking infants lyrics


[verse 1]
blonde women, and cr-ppy cars
lame kids but we mackin’ hard
she wanna get involved with the rapping star
and they feeling blue, avatar
slow it down cause we rhyme dope
they fake shining like rhinestones
bad girl, jack your leather
she smoke bogies, but i don’t
swag shark like big rangers
we grind hard, we’re chick chasers
she cd, no disc changer
and she scream yolo, she a risk taker
i’m too dope, she love that
i’m too dope, i love back
they stick to me, no thumbtack
and my position so high, no (?)
no hublot, my wrist is plastic
no tats on the arm, i’m a skinny b-st-rd
p-r-i, z-z-y, she’s sloppy topped me
and kissed you after
in my zone, in my zone
i just can’t leave your chick alone
they hear your raps, they say your good
but they still wanna keep that prizzy on

ride around, pants are down
goin’ in, no backing down
asian kids all rapping now
got my dreams, mack ’em out
prizzy’s back, who would know
my chick is bad, she beautiful
just squaring out, cubicle
they mad cause a young man do it good!

[verse 2]
we out here, cosigns from big stars
you could never see me in a big car
they never knew a kid could go this far
this is swag-o-mania, she gave me f-ll-tio
she said it hurt her trachea
i’m real, i never make it up
seven asian nerds in a yaris
got her wet like the sea, i’m a starfish
i be on her string like guitar picks
so fire, homie, i be so -rs-nic (?)
rollin’ on the floor, rofl
you’re soft, cold waffle
she felt it in her stomach and her nostrils
she payed less and got more, like costco
everybody know that prizzy be that asian kid
up on the ‘tube that be hitting’ mainstream
in a vid, got the fire when i’m by her
i be spitting hot lava, got the candle on the game
and i’m keeping it lit
you agree on the ‘ish
better than every stupid “so-called” rappers
better get it together, and i’m a beast