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rustage – kakashi vs aizawa lyrics


[verse 1: kakashi]
where do i start?
you can’t spit bars with my hand through your heart
it must be hard
watching you trembling, falling apart
call it an art
we are both teachers, but you need a lesson
in how to prepare for the hurt coming at you
i’m the sixth hokage
you’re not even the strongest one in your own classroom
konoha+born, we’re the best made
if i had to note your flaws, it’s an essay
checkmate, i can see through you like an x+ray
lookin’ like you’re death+raised, call it edo tensei
you’re thinking some bandages that you’re mishandling
will have the power to stop me?
you’re lackiong at planning, no talent at rapping
you’re not even worthy to copy
crux of the story, my history’s gory
you’re born with your eyes so your origin’s boring
you didn’t know pain so you don’t deserve glory
i’ll finish this quickly, can’t stop my chidori
you’re no deterrence, i’m leaving you nervous
reminding you why you’re so worthless
you do a disservice when fighting a stronger foe
you are essentially quirkless

[verse 2: aizawa]
someone’s awoken a sleeping giant
but if i’m fighting you then i could never get tired
can’t hide in the leaves when i speak this fire
let my quirk do the work while the fibre ties up
like a loose end with a retcon
feelin’ like a bag that i carry ’cause i’m slept on
might not be the best one but i’m still a threat, don
eyes in the night, aimed, looking like red dots
knock some sense into this sensei
neck scarf’ll leave you in a neck brace
how many times can you get saved?
by the kids in your team, you’re a dead weight
i’m the fly advisor, hide eyes with a visor
my line of sight can leave a quirk so frozen
don’t brag about your kage title
when you weren’t even the first one chosen
whole story, it couldn’t be cornier
you don’t deserve that cornea
two friends in the morgue should’ve fought their corner
your pride for the rules overrides your remorse
and you were thought of as a bright child
but then you made mistakes when you were quite riled
and your father was known as the white fang
so it makes sense that you would bite styles

[verse 3: kakashi]
that was it?
just like your fighting, your rapping is weak (weak)
take a hint, lyrics so boring that you fell asleep, uh
meddle without mettle, know we’re on a different level
you dishevelled degenerate who’s daring to think he’s special
hypocritical, you’re pitiful, the pot dissing the kettle
when you led your students blindly into battling with peril
weight of your sins, now you’re feeling regret
wasn’t for all might they all would be dead
mind’s so blank i see why the call you eraser+head
bated breath, ’bout to combust
full body susanoo turn you to dust
pulverise you in a thrust
but i heard you know what it’s like to be crushed

[verse 4: aizawa]
c+ckatoo with your big white quiff, got no drip
you’re as dry as my eyelids
yes i was crushed, this scar is a mark of my kindness
yours reminds of how you left friends lifeless
got a mask on, can’t face the truth
you’re outclassed, ua’s the crew
you’re as dense as a tree, all bark no tooth
your team would learn more from a substitute
get suspension if you think of misbehaving
like you’re hanging from the threads i’m manipulating
i’d mention the books that he’s keen to read
but there’s kids around, let’s keep it pg
plus romance ain’t my forte
ms joke won’t hear this guy laugh
but i’ll give that to you, hatake
you sure know your way to a girl’s heart