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rustage – moira rap lyrics


i’m at the edge of a discovery, i release my summary
a paper dictating all the solutions to recovery
they’ve had enough of me, all my work is medical
but overwatch has the nerve to call it unethical
i’m a g+nius and i’m here to stay, i’ve made breakthroughs modifying dna
i say they want to squander my abilities? all these possibilities of curing disabilities have gone away
gone astray, they don’t know what i have got
working in the shadows and researching for thе blackwatch
watch me beat death, likе a cheater
i’ve achieved the dream of creating the grim reaper
i know you get it, and you’ll be apologetic
when the master of genetics starts making you more athletic
i’m in hysterics, think your ethics are pathetic
i’m achieving my goal of advanced eugenics
some people recognise my intelligence
they supply funding i’m grateful for their benevolence
it’s evident it’s better than they made this all happen
no hesitance i’m making developments for talon
watch me siphon your life all away
keep on fighting, you’re dying today
feel my biotic grasp ripping out your last breath
healing my energy then fading into the darkness
i’ll decay ya, slay ya, hit you with a laser
cutting through your health like a razor
erase ya, no brainer, putting you in danger
splitting up your atoms, splicing out the remainder
i know you have to be scared by my presence
not messing, i’ll wipe your whole team with correlescence
i’m testing, i’m filling your head’s with paranoia
destroy ya, that’s what you get for stopping moira