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rustzilla – someday lyrics


weve known each other for so long
never thought that we would get along
i know we had our differences in the past
but things change and you know that
i can’t get you out my head
theres so many things that i wish i said
i know you only see me as a friend
but i really want all of that to end
theres really so much that we can do
i just hope that you see all of that in me too
i feel like we could last for a while
i just want you with me and keep that smile yeah
i know all the pain you been through
theres nothing much i can do
but i know that i can treat you right
i know i can make your night
come with me and well go far
i know that it will be hard
we both been through so much i know this
but you and me together well get through this
i been through thick and thin
i just want these nights to end
i just want you by my side
i just wanna hold you tight yeah